What is CloudClub?

A team of aspiring engineers. A desire to learn more. A drive to explore the power of cloud technologies.

Skule Adventure

Skule Adventures

The game team has been working on their awesome Skule themed game called Skule Adventures. Led by Shayshu Nahata, in Skule Adventures you will find familiar places like the Galbraith building and awesome powerups like the Yerba Mate and coffee!

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Club Website

Throughout the fall semester the website team has been working hard to build our website using Express and Bootstrap. The project is being led by our amazing project leader Jayden Lefebvre.

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AI Division

As we head into the winter semester, we are venturing into the world of machine learning. We will be starting off with beginner projects and then move onto image generation and game playing bots. Super exciting!

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Game picture

Escape from the Skulengeon

Escape from the Skulengeon is a top-down dungeon crawler that takes inspiration from classic games like Diablo and The Legend of Zelda. In this game a new engineer at UofT has to navigate their way around the city, from the CN tower all the way to the depths of Myhal. We are using frameworks like Phaser.js coupled with Tiled in order to develop an immersive and challenging experience.

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IoT project

Internet of Things Project

A system that is able to connect remote IoT devices with each other using the power of the MQTT protocol and NoSQL databases.

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